What is Mobile App Development

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Mobile app development is developing an application that can be installed on a smartphone or other mobile device. Mobile applications often provide users access to data, content, and functionality relevant to their current location. Today, all types of businesses use mobile apps for internal and external processes. Mobile apps are also commonly used as marketing tools for brands looking to reach out directly to customers who have downloaded their app from an app store.

Mobile app development articles focus on building mobile apps for various platforms. These articles often include guides to creating native mobile apps, as well as hybrid and web-based applications.

How To Create an App for Mobile Devices

  • Get your app idea on paper
  • Build a Native app or a PWA, based on your needs
  • Make your app using the proper method for your business
  • Create an app with an app builder
  • Test your app on IOS and Android devices
  • Improve and update your app continuously

Get your app idea on paper

According to statistics in 2020, 200 Billion mobile apps were downloaded, and this number is set to reach 250 billion by 2022. There is clearly a high demand for mobile apps, which makes this market very competitive. So then, the app idea, the concept behind your app, becomes crucial when you decide to create an app for your business.

  • Set the goals for your app
  • Plan your app design
  • Sketching wire-frames
  • User interface design
  • User Experience
  • 3 click rule

Build a Native app or a PWA, based on your needs

  • Native app
  • Progressive web app

Make your app using the suitable method for your business

  • Develop your own app yourself
  • Hire an Agency or a freelance developer
  • Use an App Builder

Create an app with an app builder

With more than 10 years of experience in building apps with the latest technologies, Good Barber app maker gives you the ability to create a cross-platform app that will work on both iOS and Android devices as well as a Progressive Web App, all from a single interface.

  • Design
  • Content
  • Add-one
  • Custom Plugins
  • API Access

Test your app on iOS and Android devices

  • Overall app speed
  • No crashes when performing any action 
  • Performance in poor connectivity 
  • All functionality/interaction responds to the task it’s supposed to accomplish  
  • The design is visually pleasing and correctly adapted to all screens 
  • Navigation is intuitive and efficient 
  • No aspects of the app are “hidden” 
  • App name/store description is self-explanatory

Submit and Publish your app on the stores

Once your app is ready, it is time to link about publishing it. It’s a good idea to publish your app on as many platforms as possible as it will allow you to reach as many as possible. Publishing an app can be a complex and slightly overwhelming process, starting with registering as a developer.

  • Developers Accounts
  • Apple’s App Store
  • Google Play Store
  • Progressive Web App

Improve and update your app continuously

  • Keep an eye on feedback and your app KPLs using the analytics tools provided by Google Play and App Store. Analytics is also available in your Good Barber back office.
  • Another duty that every app owner should do regularly is to always release new content and features. Whether releasing new content or upgrading existing features, it’s the most effective way to keep users engaged and avoid deleting low-use apps. Make sure your users are aware of new releases by including them in your marketing strategy: you can alert them via push notifications or showcase these new features on the most visible part of your app, the home screen. 
  • You can update your app in the stores as many times as you want, although in some cases you’ll be required to submit a new version of the app if larger modifications have been made.
  • On the other hand, your PWA can be updated infinitely without any re submission constraints. Either way, don’t hesitate to bring something new to the table when you have the opportunity!


App creation is a long and complex subject. Many factors must be taken into account.

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